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21 Most Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

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- With More Than 100 Sample Answers 21 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them is a detailed article written by our founder Ajoy Singha. It comprises of 21 common non-technical questions. The post discusses each of the questions. The reason behind why those questions are asked, what should be included in the answer and what should be avoided while answering such questions. Each is question is discussed in details and there are almost 5 or more sample answers to each question for better understanding how to answer them during the job interview. There are a total of [...]

Should You Follow-Up After a Job Interview?

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Are you in a job search phase for a new job? If you're, you must be having constant interview calls and must have attended a variety of interview. If that's the case, do you follow up with the organizations after the interview? If you can follow-up with a telephone call, you'll need to look at your choices. Several job seekers do not know how to proceed for a follow up. They are unsure, whether they should follow up for all the interviews they attended or they should make a call or personally visit the office. If you are also indecisive about [...]

How to manage career breaks or employment gaps in Resume?

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Mentioning your professional experience in your resume with perfection is a difficult task. You need to keep in mind the following: job role, duration of your job, main responsibilities, transferable skills etc. It is a tough job to highlight your skills and experience if you have breaks in your career. Talent Plus Plus has seen many such candidates in the past. Your hiring manager will have no idea about the reason of your long work gap, merely by going through your resume. For example, the employer will not understand whether you held a job or just trying to hide your job [...]

How to Negotiate Salary during an Interview?

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Money is the most sensitive issue within the whole hiring method. Discussing the compensation usually causes anxiety on each worker and leader. Below mentioned seven ways will make the earnings negotiating effective. We at Talent Plus Plus emphasize our student to learn the following factors when doing a salary negotiation - 1) Research: Contact the professional organization that represents your field of career, before the interview method begins. As they supply you with your earnings data, you’ll calculate your monthly money necessities. Bear in mind that when your taxes are added to your cheque, more or less 30% of your gross [...]

How To Impress An Interviewer After The Interview?

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Are you presently searching a brand new job? If you're, you will be getting ready yourself for coming job interviews. Though you should be putting maximum of your time mastering the interviews at hand, which we help our students mater by regular mock interview practice at Talent Plus Plus, you'll additionally need to look at your actions after the interview is complete. As mentioned before, it's suggested that you just pay a decent share of time in mastering the interviews that you must have scheduled within a few days. These preparation tips might include orienting yourself with common interview queries, collecting [...]

6 Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

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These 6 questions transcend the normal ones, like the title of the job, the job description, to whom to report, and other such basic queries. These questions are mostly printed for you so it is unlikely that you need to raise these queries. With some preparation and thought, you ought to be ready, to simply come back with fifteen - twenty first-interview queries to rise. However, these 6 are carefully selected for you to be able to ask and know more about the job. These questions cannot only assist you to determine if the job that you're been interviewing, meets the [...]

Sample Thank You Letter after the Interview

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A sample thank you letter that you simply use after finishing an interview, as a suggestion or prototype, can prevent plenty of your time when you are making this kind of communication. Since you’ll prepare it before the interview, when you are not nervous and have clear thoughts, the letter can extremely increase your chances of creating a decent impression to the interviewer. Try using this for your own use. Date Name Address Email/Contact Number Dear Interviewer_Name, I enjoyed the opportunity to be with you at your workplace, regarding career opportunities with Company_Name. After discussing the long term prospects of the [...]

Background Check – Honesty Pays in Interviews

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There is a difference between highlighting your positive points to make yourself different from others and lying to the interviewer. These days the organizations are very particular to check the authenticity of the candidate, by doing reference check or background check, so you should not land yourself into trouble by saying something which would not be verified by your boss or the references that you offer. The most severe way to induce you into trouble during an interview is telling a lie. There can be many other ways to land you into trouble. The most common mistake is lying about the [...]

18 Important things to remember while preparing for an Interview

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Around a week before the interview. 1. Explore different aspects of the organization and the opening it has. Find out the company specific information from a library, internet or the current employees of the company. Read the website of the company thoroughly to find out the products and services of the company, its target market, annual sales, locations, structure, history and any other major information. Also note down any upcoming movements of the company. 2. Find out the competitors of the company to which you are applying for and how is it different from others. 3. Prepare and practice to answer [...]

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