Around a week before the interview.
1. Explore different aspects of the organization and the opening it has. Find out the company specific information from a library, internet or the current employees of the company. Read the website of the company thoroughly to find out the products and services of the company, its target market, annual sales, locations, structure, history and any other major information. Also note down any upcoming movements of the company.
2. Find out the competitors of the company to which you are applying for and how is it different from others.
3. Prepare and practice to answer some commonly asked questions about your roles, work done, difficulties faced and solutions provided to the organization. Have live examples from the projects done to support your skills and experience. Match the needs of the organization with your skills and experience.
4. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Represent your weaknesses that are acceptable to the employers and do not give a negative feedback about you.
For example, “Testing professionals can say Performance testing is my weakness or developers can say I am weak in pointers.”
5. Do your homework and have some questions ready for the interviewers to show your interest in the company and the position.
6. Finalize your dress and make sure it is fitting perfectly and not tattered.

The Day before the Interview
7. Reconfirm the position, date, time and name of the person to be contacted by calling the recruiters.
8. Use a map or ask someone the best way to reach the interview site. Also know the approximate time to reach. Keep some extra time in hand for rush hour.
9. Recheck your interview dress that it’s clean, ironed and defect free.
10. Always have extra copies of your resume and cover letter with you. It is always helpful to have a backup copy even if the recruiters have your resume.
11. Take a good sleep at night. Don’t compromise with your meals because your brain will work the best if you had proper food and sleep. Don’t take lots of carbohydrates before your interview because it will make you feel sleepy and lazy.
12. First impression is the last impression. So pay attention to every small thing like combing, brushing, dressing, footwear and deodorant, and get ready before time to avoid any chaos.
13. Don’t forget to carry your required documents like resume, certificates etc.
14. Have enough time to reach for the interview. Don’t arrive too early and get inside before 10-15 minutes. Reaching too early can lead some negative thoughts in recruiters mind like you might have a lot of time and have nothing better to do with it.
15. Smile and greet everyone. Also shake hands at the end of the interview.
16. If you have prepared well then just relax and deep breathe. Take a few moments to recollect and frame your answer. Ask questions if you have confusion regarding some question.
17. Write a “Thank You” note for the interviewers using a notepad or you can send him an email thank you if you know his email id.
18. Remember success loves preparation. Use Talent Plus Plus’s career tips to improve your preparation and increase your chances of being successful.