A flawless and professional resume is the major consideration for every employer to hire a right yet a most appropriate candidate for their job. However, to write an eye-catching resume is not that easy especially avoiding the grammatical and typos errors requires a lot of efforts. Let’s discuss the top 10 resume mistakes and tips to avoid them.

1. Grammatical and spelling errors

In order to rectify the grammar and spelling mistakes, read out the resume in a loud voice to catch the errors or get the assistance of your family, friends, or professional writer to get a grammatically correct resume.

2. Include the job-related keywords

Your resume won’t matter if you don’t involve the essential keywords that the employer has mentioned in the job description. Make sure to prepare a resume according to the keywords listed in the job details

3. Don’t make it look outdated

Try to update the skills section and add your recent technical as well as computer-related skills to make your resume look interesting

4. Write it short yet accurate

Do not write a lengthy resume describing unnecessary details instead if you really desire to make it presentable then keep it one or two-page document with bullets and short paragraphs.

5. Never use profile

Nowadays, the job seekers usually attach their profile and objectives with the resume. However, your objectives may not emphasize your potential and skills associated with the job

6. Avoid adding the mismatching career summary

The career summary should only be added to your documents if it matches the job requirements otherwise, it won’t make any sense to write non-relevant bio

7. Include your experience and accomplishment

A professional resume is a one that is embraced with the candidate’s achievements and expertise rather than his duties or responsibilities. Make sure to consider this factor while preparing your resume

8. Give it a proper start

Studies proved that the resumes starting with the intense statements lures employer the most. If the starting is not effective then the reader might skip that portion.

9. Enumerating accomplishments

If you think that writing the self-congratulatory slogans can aid you to get the employer’s preference then this assumption does not hold water. Put in the numbers like sales figure, people managed, and etc to highlight your rewards

10. Don’t write an ordinary resume

Are you hesitating to include your achievements in the resume? You must know that resume is the best option to show awards and success.

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