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How to Include References on Your Resume

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Have you ever questioned which is the most favorite and usually used line on a resume "References available on request". The Talent Plus Plus team discusses the best practices on How to Include References on Your Resume. Including your references in your resume has always been a question of discussion among the professionals. You can include this line at the bottom of the resume. In a way, this lets your potential leader understand that, if asked, you'll be able to name a minimum of one or two of individuals that assume you're a good quality to any company. On the contrary some [...]

How to manage career breaks or employment gaps in Resume?

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Mentioning your professional experience in your resume with perfection is a difficult task. You need to keep in mind the following: job role, duration of your job, main responsibilities, transferable skills etc. It is a tough job to highlight your skills and experience if you have breaks in your career. Talent Plus Plus has seen many such candidates in the past. Your hiring manager will have no idea about the reason of your long work gap, merely by going through your resume. For example, the employer will not understand whether you held a job or just trying to hide your job [...]

Cover Letter Mistakes – 5 Clues

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Each resume should be accompanied with a well-written cover letter that will present you as a confident and capable candidate for the job. A cover letter should emphasize and promote your skills and expertise mentioned in your resume. It should answer any queries that are raised by your resume. We at Talent Plus Plus can help you to avoid 5 common covering letter mistakes and get closer to the job you are willing to get by clearing the foremost round of resume review. 1. Do not make your cover letter look generic. Everybody likes to be called by their name, if [...]

How to Create a Perfect Cover Letter

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Are you searching for a job and thinking how to create a perfect cover letter for the same? Before you send your resume, you require a detailed study about the cover letter of your resume. If you're sending your resume without a cover letter, you'll need to give a break. Several businesses expect to receive cover letters connected to all or any resumes. Continue reading if you're unsure about how you'll be able to make the proper cover letter, one which will profit you. There are varieties of factors to consider when preparing a cover letter. One of those factors is [...]

Resume Mistakes You Should Never Make

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A charming face is the reflection of a healthy body similarly a well-written resume is the mirror of your skills and experience. Resume is not a versatile document which will qualify somebody to do any sort of job nor should it be floated to all the places. It is your gateway to get you to the right place to fulfill your goal with best suitable role. Be lucky to get noticed by the recruiters by avoiding these 13 mistakes in your resume. 1. Do not use copy paste objective: An objective is NOT JUST a general paragraph at the starting of [...]

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