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21 Most Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

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- With More Than 100 Sample Answers 21 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them is a detailed article written by our founder Ajoy Singha. It comprises of 21 common non-technical questions. The post discusses each of the questions. The reason behind why those questions are asked, what should be included in the answer and what should be avoided while answering such questions. Each is question is discussed in details and there are almost 5 or more sample answers to each question for better understanding how to answer them during the job interview. There are a total of [...]

6 Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

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These 6 questions transcend the normal ones, like the title of the job, the job description, to whom to report, and other such basic queries. These questions are mostly printed for you so it is unlikely that you need to raise these queries. With some preparation and thought, you ought to be ready, to simply come back with fifteen - twenty first-interview queries to rise. However, these 6 are carefully selected for you to be able to ask and know more about the job. These questions cannot only assist you to determine if the job that you're been interviewing, meets the [...]

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