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7 IT Skills To Help You Get Hired

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Around 20 years ago, there were different categories like technical and managerial roles .The idea was that IT people needed to become more business-like and business people needed to acquire more tech savvy. Today, it’s essential to have a mix of all skills to get into IT. Everyone wishes to get lot of additional values for the organization with whole new set of skills with IT professionals. It is important for IT staff in small organizations to be jack of none and master of all, because they have less number of resources. Here are seven skills you need to add to [...]

How to manage career breaks or employment gaps in Resume?

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Mentioning your professional experience in your resume with perfection is a difficult task. You need to keep in mind the following: job role, duration of your job, main responsibilities, transferable skills etc. It is a tough job to highlight your skills and experience if you have breaks in your career. Talent Plus Plus has seen many such candidates in the past. Your hiring manager will have no idea about the reason of your long work gap, merely by going through your resume. For example, the employer will not understand whether you held a job or just trying to hide your job [...]

Changing Your Job? Do Research First.

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Are you currently working but not satisfied with your current job? If you are unhappy with your current salary or feel there is no growth opportunity for you in the present company, you will have an interest in dynamic jobs or presumably even careers. If that's the case, you are suggested not to act in haste because that will not be a smart move. There are a variety of details that you simply need to think about, before you are taking any action about looking for different jobs or careers. These points will make sure that you are ready to change [...]

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