Selenium Training in Gurgaon by Working Professionals – Weekend and Weekdays training. Low Course fee. Free Java training included with our automation course.

Get expertise in Selenium Automation Testing Tool from the Best Professional Selenium Training Institute by getting hands on knowledge and training from industry experts. Study on weekends and special weekday classes with the Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon Sector 14, IFFCO Chowk locality.

Selenium Training Gurgaon

Selenium Training Gurgaon

Why Learn Selenium?

Today’s environment is filled with intelligent web portals for achieving all sorts of transactions in real world. Selenium is becoming more preferred tool for testing such web portals today. The popularity of Selenium is surpassing any other tool that exists in the market today. Selenium is an open source tool and it gives the flexibility to interact with Web Applications using various automation techniques.

Selenium is an open source automation testing framework that is design to test various web applications across various browsers and platforms. Any testing that is done using a Selenium tool is commonly referred to as Selenium Automation Testing.

Selenium is a technique using which you can automate the browsers. It is a free piece of open source software which is commonly used as a portable software testing framework for web applications. However, selenium is not only limited to testing software and has the potential to do a lot more.

Selenium is a vast topic and only working professionals can help you understand the ways in which it works. Therefore, it is crucial that you attend a training institute that teaches selenium in the best possible manner. At Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon we are the one institute that employs only working professional as trainers.

Selenium is a very popular automation tool and its usage is growing consistently among the software development companies around the world. This has increased the demand for software testers with Selenium Automation Experience. Given the high demand for Selenium Automation testers, the salaries for Selenium Automaton testers are rising proportionately.

Our Selenium Training Course:

  • There are hundreds of places from where you can get a regular Selenium education, but if you are looking for a quality Selenium Training in Gurgaon, then Talent Plus Plus is the most recommended institute of all.
  • Along with an extremely skilled faculty of live working professionals, Talent Plus Plus also features good infrastructure, courses that are updated with current industry standards, very good placement offers and an opportunity to learn and grow your career.
  • Our trained professionals, who are highly experienced, always strive to provide practical experience to all our students so that they can have a hand-on experience of reality. Moreover, to help our students get a better grasp on the subject, the institute is equipped with advanced teaching methods.
  • We also have online servers so that our students can practice their courses in their free time, even when they are at home. Students can also access the course video tutorials in case they missed and classes during the course. Apart from that, we also provide detailed study materials, question banks, e-books, and much more.
  • The course schedule is extremely flexible. There are both daily as well weekly course and if necessary, you can eve choose your own schedule according to your requirements. Complete freedom is given to the students to progress and learn with their own speed.
  • We have a very impressive history with placements of hundreds of candidates have gained their Selenium certification from the best Selenium Institute in Gurgaon, Talent Plus Plus. We can proudly say that we have trained many professionals who are doing very well in their careers at various MNCs and other multinational firms.
  • Our strong association with successful companies like HCL, Wipro, Dell, BirlaSoft, TechMahindra, TCS, IBM, United Health Group, Sapient etc. make it possible for us to bring 100% placement support for our students. We closely monitor the growth of our student and help them build a lifetime successful career through our wide and impressive placement regime.

If you are looking for a quality Selenium training in Gurgaon, where you can learn, grow and develop as a successful personality, then Talent Plus Plus is your best option.

Don’t know Java? We will teach you Java for free.

If you are a manual tester and don’t know Java or any other programming language, we will teach you Java for free which is included in our Selenium course. Don’t worry we will teach you the lessons needed to get you started with Selenium with Java.

Why should you join Talent Plus Plus for learning Selenium?

Well, why should you not? It offers every quality feature that is needed to make an educational environment. From highly skilled professionals as faculty members to high quality infrastructure and advanced teaching methodologies, Talent Plus Plus has offered everything that can greatly improve a student’s way of learning.

  • We not only provide the best education and practical knowledge, but also help our students to develop personally. This helps them to gain experience from the real world and adapt themselves with the growing technology.
  • All our training projects are based on live industry projects and our training curriculum is greatly accepted by many top MNCs and business organizations. Training schedule is completely flexible and can be customized as per personal requirements. Our practical labs are fully updated with the latest software and are always in their best working conditions.
  • At the end of the course, each student gets a certificate and placement opportunities. Since, all our trainers are working professionals from successful organizations there is a high chance of getting a placement referral as well.
  • Talent Plus Plus always strives to deliver the best quality education to our students, so that they can have quality placements and truly flourishing careers. Our dedication towards our student’s success is also one of the main reasons why Talent Plus Plus is the best Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon.

Talent Plus Plus has always stood out among other coaching institutes in Gurgaon, mainly because the trainers here are working professionals themselves and are able to provide top quality education. Working professionals here not only focus on the theoretical part of the subject, but stresses equally on the practical part too. Students qualifying from Talent++ have scored well to do jobs in good MNCs within the country as well as abroad. Considering the top class teaching at Talent++, it is the best Selenium Training Institute in Gurgaon. Get enrolled here to get the best quality Selenium education from top class working professionals.

This Selenium course in Gurgaon is suitable for Engineering and Science graduates who want to pursue their career in automation testing with Selenium and have an upper edge in this competitive world. This program is designed to cover specialized modules covering different aspects of real world work environment and enables the students to be prepared for industry specific actual application testing.

We have the best working professionals Selenium Trainers from India’s top IT companies to guide and train you as per the requirement of the real world and thus, they concentrate on solving real selenium problems with theoretical and practical knowledge, what you get is real best selenium training in Gurgaon.

Our Selenium Training in Gurgaon is suitable for:

Students / Freshers:

  • Freshers/Graduate Students who are interested in automation testing and want to peruse their Career in IT industry
  • Start your IT/Software industry with higher salaries
  • There are more jobs available for automation testers than freshers with only manual testing skills
  • Scope of Selenium Automation testing is in high demand these days

Working Professionals:

  • If you are a manual tester, do not know programming but interested in learning Automation
  • Those who want to switch from manual testing to automation profile
  • You have been using older tools like QTP or UFT but now want to learn Selenium/Java
  • There are lots of job openings for skilled Selenium testers in the market and you want to get the jobs
  • Your current or future project requires you to learn Selenium automation and it is a survival question

We support the students with real time projects, interview questions and personal attention to get high quality professionals in Selenium WebDriver with Java. Join our selenium classes in Gurgaon and get a Job quickly.

Duration:  Approximately 8 weeks – weekend classes, 1 month for Weekday classes (early morning).

Course Fee: Rs 9990/-

Please feel free to contact us –

» Call us at +91-88 220 99 022   OR   99 11 44 9111 for Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon/Gurugram.

Course Syllabus – 

Core Java:

  • Object
  • Class
  • Variable
  • Method/Functions
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interface
  • Abstraction
  • Exception handling
  • Collection
  • Garbage collection


  • Selenium webDriver – 3.9.0
  • How to automated all the web elements or controls using selenium webdriver like radio buttons, check boxes, test boxes, dropdown, multi select, web table, title handling, url handling, view source handling etc.
  • How to automated all the mouse activities and keyboard events using selenium webdriver like left click, right click, mouse hover, drag and drop and how to pass keyboard shortcuts to my scripts like control + “A” etc.

Handling of test data part :

  • How to read and write data from excel using APACHE POI jar.
  • How to read data from csv using CSV Reader jar.
  • How to read data from data base using SQL JDBC jar.

Handling window interactions in web automation :

  • How to handle window interactions using Sikulixapi jar.
  • How to handle window interactions and server authentication using java Robot class.

Unit Testing Framework :

  • How to use testNG as a unit testing framework in your project

Building tool:

  • How to build your java project with IDE and without IDE with command prompt using Apache ANT.
  • How to build your java project with IDE and without IDE with command prompt using Apache Maven.

Generating reports:

  • Generating the technical reports using testNG.
  • Generating layman reports or in graphical form using XSLT Reports.
  • Generating technical as well as pictorial reports using Extent Reports.

Frameworks covered:

  • Data Driven Framework.
  • Page Object Model Framework.
  • Keyword Driven Framework.
  • Hybrid Framework.

DevOps or CI/CD tool:

  • How you can schedule your job on Jenkins.
  • How to configure master slave or distributed testing using Jenkins.
  • How to integrate automation testing with CICD using Jenkins tool.

Download Course Syllabus – click here

»Additional advantage with all courses
• Free E-Books/Tools/Software
• HR Interview Questions
• Resume Preparation
• Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

Please feel free to contact us –

» Call us at +91-88 220 99 022   OR   99 11 44 9111  for the Best Selenium Training in Gurgaon / Gurugram – Talent++

We do not have fancy classrooms or air conditioned facilities but we promise to provide the best possible practical Selenium learning experience in our small institute. Talent Plus Plus is located in Sukhrali between Iffco Chowk and Bata Chowk on the MG Road. The institute is very near to Sector 14, Gurgaon.

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    “The best decision I took after my college is to join Talent Plus Plus. I got to know the real practical stuff from working professionals which I would have never got from a theory based trainer.”

    AMIT TIWARI, Ex Student

    “It’s a must recommended Institute for all the aspirants who are serious to achieve their goal of become a Software Tester and need a right guidance and practical training. I joined only for practical training what exactly happens in IT industry and yes I have achieved this at the end of the course.”

    EKTA JAIN, Ex Student

    “I have done manual testing course from this institute my experience was like – Talent ++ is the best institute for manual testing. Talent ++ stick to what they represent on their website, frankly speaking, it influenced me a lot.”