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Automation Testing Courses in Gurgaon

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Automation is the new working way of the world. Reducing human labor and increasing machine work is the main objective of Automation. It is a step beyond industrialization and is a process that requires intense knowledge and skills to stand apart from the growing IT crowd interested in Automation courses. So, what actually do Automation courses offer and where can you attend these? To begin with, Automation courses can be of many types depending upon the category you are interested in. For instance, there are Automation courses available in Software testing. Software Automation courses include learning of Automated testing tools [...]

How to Become an Automation Tester from Manual Tester

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Software testing is not what it used to be a decade ago. Manual Testing used to have a vast scope while the concept of automated testing was just a theory, with very few players in commercial and open source tools. Now, the software testing industry is at a phase where the favours are more bent towards the automated testers while the manual testers are left with accomplishing the task of testing the areas which automation tools cannot test or inefficient. Due to the rapid technological advancement (artificial intelligence etc.) and aim for cost cutting measure the world has seen over [...]

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid while Writing a Resume

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A flawless and professional resume is the major consideration for every employer to hire a right yet a most appropriate candidate for their job. However, to write an eye-catching resume is not that easy especially avoiding the grammatical and typos errors requires a lot of efforts. Let’s discuss the top 10 resume mistakes and tips to avoid them. 1. Grammatical and spelling errors In order to rectify the grammar and spelling mistakes, read out the resume in a loud voice to catch the errors or get the assistance of your family, friends, or professional writer to get a grammatically correct [...]

10 Soft Skills Every IT Professional Should Develop in 2019

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Learning is a continuous process. The more you learn the more you get the knowledge. When someone thinks of Information Technology professional, they think of computer savvy people who can understand computer network and have various skills. But it is not true. Every IT professional, in order to succeed in their career must acquire some non-tech skills.  It's the skills (technical and soft skills) that make professionals different from others. A professional will always be judged by the way they interact with people. Here are some skills that professional should develop to reach the top this year.                Networking - Today networking has [...]

Top Reasons Why Learning Selenium is Important for a Software Tester

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Top 10 Reasons to Learn Selenium Back in 2013, I wrote a blog post reasoning why a software tester should learn Selenium. I made few predictions and those still hold true. In the past year the popularity of Selenium has increased day by day. Selenium is known as the best tool for testing websites and web applications. Obviously, there are plenty of other tools that can help you accomplish the same results, but Selenium is becoming the most preferred tool among all the others. If you start counting the pros of using Selenium, it might take a while. Therefore, to make [...]

How to Get a Software Testing Job as a Fresher

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Lots of the time I get asked this question "How to Get a Software Testing Job as a Fresher". I know, you are keen to know possible tips to be in a job profile of a software tester. Here, I have some tips for you. Some of these are just check points before you really move to this part of IT sector and some of these are really important points on which one should work to grab the job. Of course, it is easy to get a job. But, it is not that easy if you are not putting [...]

Best Software Testing Training in Gurugram

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Are you searching for the Best Software Testing Training in Gurugram? Are you looking for training program which has real-time projects based training and placement assistance too? Are you willing to be a part of the training program which covers knowledge from basic to advanced level? If yes then you are at the right place. This web page will make you to end your search. Please read further to know more about offered training program and our institute in Gurgaon. We also provide Selenium Automation Training in Gurugram. Please feel free to contact us – » Call us at +91-88 220 [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Get AWS Certified This Year

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Are you thinking about AWS certifications? Are you not convinced about the benefits of AWS certifications? Well, everyone has some doubts about it. Here, I will share three reasons why anyone should get AWS certified. According to me, one should always ask for benefits before going for any sort of training or certification exam. If there are some benefits then automatically they become reasons for joining any training to pass that certification. In case, you love to go for AWS certifications after reading this post then I will also suggest you to go for AWS training in Gurgaon at Talent Plus [...]

Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon

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Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon – Talent Plus Plus Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon one of the best Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon. Read for more details why you should study at Talent++ for your dot net course. For better career opportunity join Dot Net training course at Talent Plus Plus In present era no one can think life without advanced technology. We are surrounded by gadgets, apps, and software. Now, no one can think life without all these things but the question arises from where we are getting all the technologies. There are several IT companies that are developing [...]

How To Start Career As a Java Developer

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IT field is full of huge possibilities. Currently, it needs millions of trained and skilled professionals to maintain all functions of industry in a smooth manner. Furthermore, reports and surveys suggest that upcoming days will provide more opportunities to make golden career and live a successful and financially secured life. If, you are planning to cash-in this situation then start the preparation how to make a successful career in Java development. It is important for you to know that java is a programming language therefore proves extremely helpful to run a website in efficient manner. You do not need to worry [...]

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