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Come, learn and experience the best Software Testing Training in Gurgaon from the Best Professional Computer Training Institute in NCR, Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon.

Software Testing Course for Beginners:

The current IT industry is growing rapidly and has many open opportunities for beginners to join. There are many MNCs that are currently looking for beginners to join their company and grow along with them. However, software testing is not just some walk in the park and requires a good amount of hard work and training. It is recommended to join the best possible software testing course available.

Why Talent Plus Plus is the best institute for Software Testing Training in Gurgaon:

  • Talent Plus Plus offers the best quality education for beginners looking to join the IT industry. Our working class professional trainers interact with each and every student giving them quality practical knowledge and insights on the real IT world. The benefits of learning from a working professional are far more than that of learning from a normal teacher. That is mainly because the working professionals have up to date practical knowledge while the normal trainers can only pass on the theoretical knowledge.
  • Software testing requires an immense amount of knowledge, patience and a lot more of other qualities. MNCs do not just hire any beginner who has done a software testing course, they also look for a good personality and the will to work for. You need to be a complete social being to become a software tester, you should be able to understand things in every manner and act according to what is best for it.
  • At Talent Plus Plus, we strive to create an environment that is friendly and personality developing as well. Our trainers and students interact and support each other on daily basis. This helps in encouraging even those beginners who are shy to talk and cannot present their points up front. Along with various testing courses, at Talent Plus Plus we create a bond of friendship that lasts for a lifetime. We have a wide variety of software testing courses available as we take great passion in teaching what is required.
  • Our software testing courses have a proven record of worthy students getting hired in big MNCs in both India and abroad. The certificate of software testing course from Talent Plus Plus is considered as legit and as a strong alibi during the interview. Attending a course from Talent Plus Plus will surely get you placed in a good MNC.

All our Software Testing Trainers are WORKING Professionals under Ajoy Singha’s Guidance

The trainers are expert, experienced and working professionals in software testing. As the industry expects hands on working experience, our motive is to give more focus on practical knowledge with clear understanding of theoretical concepts. The course has highly researched curriculum to give overall understanding of software testing and it is supported by live projects and best practices. All the tools, documents and utilities are provided for the reference and understanding.

There are countless academies in this country that offer Software Testing courses for students, however, only a few of them are considered as the elite training institutes. One such elite software training institute is Talent++, Gurgaon, which is considered as the best Software Training Institute in the city.

Talent++ is a professional training institute that solely focuses on improving their quality of education. The institute hires only those personals that are currently working in the real IT world. The working professionals working as trainers at Talent++ not only focuses on providing the right theoretical knowledge but also makes sure that the practical knowledge is also been provided. Moreover, all the necessary tips and insights for working in the real IT world are also shared by the trainers here. These working professionals as employees at Talent++ are a great support for all the students here looking to go out and join the IT world themselves.

The difference between having a working professional as trainer and all time trainer is immense. A regular trainer might not have the updated practical knowledge while the working professional is always updated with the current tech being used. Also, a regular trainer can provide the practical knowledge only to a certain extent, while explaining practically is much easier for a working professional. Talent++ is the best Software Testing Institute in Gurgaon.

Course Name: Manual Testing + Basic Automation

» Manual Testing + Basic Automation Course – This course is for those who want to add on software testing to their skills, increase their knowledge in software testing or take up a career in software testing. It starts with the basic concepts of software testing and progresses towards advanced concepts with an introduction and familiarity with Automation tools like Selenium and other open source tools.

The course also includes confidence build up program with mock interview practices, feedback on improving the communication skills, body language, techniques to answer few tactful questions and the mastery in HR round interviews. We have an excellent placement record.

Duration of the Course: Approximately 8 weeks – Weekend/Weekday classes.
Course Fee: Rs.  9990/-

Some of the topics we cover –

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Introduction to Bug
  • History of software testing
  • The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester
  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Testing Principal, SDLC, Software Testing Technique
  • Various Modals and Methodologies
  • Introduction to Agile Methodologies
  • Functional testing, Non-Functional Testing, Stress Testing, Load testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing
  • Various Types of testing – Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing
  • Black box, White box and Grey Box testing,
  • System Integration testing, User acceptance testing, Roll back testing and Multi release testing
  • Software Testing Life cycle (STLC )
  • Test management
  • Test Plan, Test cases writing, Test cases execution
  • Defect Reporting, Defect life cycle
  • Level of Testing
  • Test Case optimization technique
  • Test Environment Management and Configuration Management
  • Build life cycle
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Regression Testing and Maintaining Regression suit
  • Testing Estimation
  • Quality Assurance versus Quality Control

Additional advantage with all courses
• Free E-Books/Tools/Software
• Basic Automation classes
• Repeat whole course without any extra payment
• ISTQB Exam Support – Download Free ISTQB Audio MP3 Files here for your easy ISTQB preparation.
• HR Interview Sessions
• Resume Preparation
• Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

Please feel free to contact us –
» Call us at +91-88 220 99 022   OR   99 11 44 9111 for best software testing training in Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, NCR.
Address: Talent++, Sector 17C, Near IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon

We do not have fancy class rooms, high tech office space, but we promise to give you the actual software testing training by working professionals. Our trainers are all working professionals who will help you learn the actual industry practices in manual testing and automation testing. This knowledge will help you in your actual job interviews by having the inside knowledge of actual projects. Thousands of freshers have benefited by taking training from us in the past 9 years in Gurugram area. You can count on our years of experience for Software Testing Training in Gurgaon.

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