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How to Include References on Your Resume

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Have you ever questioned which is the most favorite and usually used line on a resume "References available on request". The Talent Plus Plus team discusses the best practices on How to Include References on Your Resume. Including your references in your resume has always been a question of discussion among the professionals. You can include this line at the bottom of the resume. In a way, this lets your potential leader understand that, if asked, you'll be able to name a minimum of one or two of individuals that assume you're a good quality to any company. On the contrary some [...]

Background Check – Honesty Pays in Interviews

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There is a difference between highlighting your positive points to make yourself different from others and lying to the interviewer. These days the organizations are very particular to check the authenticity of the candidate, by doing reference check or background check, so you should not land yourself into trouble by saying something which would not be verified by your boss or the references that you offer. The most severe way to induce you into trouble during an interview is telling a lie. There can be many other ways to land you into trouble. The most common mistake is lying about the [...]

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