A sample thank you letter that you simply use after finishing an interview, as a suggestion or prototype, can prevent plenty of your time when you are making this kind of communication. Since you’ll prepare it before the interview, when you are not nervous and have clear thoughts, the letter can extremely increase your chances of creating a decent impression to the interviewer.
Try using this for your own use.

Email/Contact Number

Dear Interviewer_Name,
I enjoyed the opportunity to be with you at your workplace, regarding career opportunities with Company_Name. After discussing the long term prospects of the organization, I believe that our association will be well dependent, mutually beneficial and there will be a positive contribution from my side.

I was particularly fascinated with the data you provided regarding the growth in software development and testing in mobile technology domain. Your company has an excellent name in the field and it is that sort of an organization with whom I will be obliged to be associated with. I pride myself on being an excellent mobile development and android specialist, and look forward to an opportunity to form a positive contribution, throughout this era of growth. If I can provide any more information that would be helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to call me at the phone number listed above, or email me if that is more convenient.

I expect to hear from you in the close future.
Thanks, for your time.


The sentences in this letter should be evaluated and may be modified to suit your desires and your profession. With latest word processing software you can modify one version, copy the file and create another letter utterly suiting a different sort of job. For example, if there are three or four jobs you are looking forward to, then you’d consider creating a different thank you letter for each one. You shall apply the same to your cover letter and resume. You can emphasis on your particular skill as per the requirement of different jobs. If, however, you’re determined to pursue just one sort of job, then, you clearly want just one sample letter, one sort of cover letter and one sort of resume. You are the best judge to decide which job would suit you the best.