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Talent Plus Plus provides the best API Testing Training in Gurgaon.

What is API, and API Testing?

Application Programming Interface or simply API is the brain of software application. This programming interface is responsible for taking logical decisions within the software.

Hence, API testing is a process in which the programming interface of software applications are tested and made sure that the software is working as designed and intended. API testing is usually conducted to check the integration of the system with the web services or with other API.

API testing may sound like a simple concept of software testing at first, but in truth, it requires an impressive amount of knowledge, skill and experience. If you too are aspiring to become an API tester, then Talent Plus Plus is the best recommended API testing training institute in Gurgaon.

API Testing Course at Talent Plus Plus

Talent Plus Plus is a training organization that strives hard to create professionals from ordinary students that join their training regime. The institute follows an impressive course criterion that is readily accepted by all the major industries. Moreover, all the tutors in our institute are working professionals who have real life experience in their fields.

Talent Plus Plus focuses on providing practical knowledge through the highly updated labs that help stimulate real live scenarios. Students are also given detailed theoretical notes, easily explained video tutorials, questionnaire to jog their memories and other varieties of e-support like websites, online libraries, video archives and much more.

Because of this intense support that Talent Plus Plus provides, the students here can easily continue studying while going through their normal lives. The institute understands and supports every student’s struggle and supports them by providing a flexible schedule system, which includes weekly and daily classes. Additional to this, there is preferred selective system in which students can choose their own schedule.

Talent Plus Plus is easily the best API Testing Training Institute in Gurgaon. The institute has good infrastructure and all the classes are equipped with advanced teaching equipment and software simulator alike. The aim is to create an education friendly environment where all the students can dedicate themselves to learning and experience personality development that can help them have a successful future.

Talent Plus Plus has trained thousands of students, who are now working as professional API Testers in major software firms. The portfolio shines with almost all trainees getting placed in good companies across India. Talent Plus Plus works with students to support after course facilities such as Lifetime JOB Alerts and help them work in almost all the major firms across the globe.

Since, all the tutors here are real life professionals they even recommend potential student testers to their own major firms after their course is complete. This ensures a great placement support to the firm and to all the students who enrol here to learn API Testing and every other course.

Talent Plus Plus, the best API Testing Training Institute in Gurgaon, has ties with top organizations like HCL, Sapient, IBM, Birlasoft, TCS, UHC and many more. Thousands of students trained here are now at valuable positions in all of these top companies.

You too can join Talent Plus Plus at an affordable fee and get the best API Testing education in Gurgaon. The support here does not just stop at the end of the course; instead it extends all the way to support every student’s lifetime with our Lifetime JOB Alert System.

There are various course options that you can choose to enroll in. You can choose to learn all of the courses or select the ones which you prefer. The courses taught at Talent Plus Plus are

Prerequisite: Core Java (Included in our API Testing Course)

API automation using Rest Assured Course Content:

  1. Overview of API
  2. How does API works
  3. Use of GET, POST, DELETE and PUT methods of APIs
  4. How to make a JSON input in automation
  5. How to Pass Token or parameters at runtime in JSON
  6. How to prepare API header and body in automation
  7. How to validate the API response using assertion
  8. How to generate Report for the API in automation (Extent report)
  9. Use of Unit testing framework in APIs (TestNG)
  10. How to use JSON in automation and how to pass JSON input at runtime in automation
  11. Complete framework of APIs automation with building tool(Maven) and Report(Extent)
  12. Java lesson required for the above included in the course

Why should you join Talent Plus Plus for API Testing Training in Gurgaon?

The top reasons because of which Talent Plus Plus is widely recommended as the best API Testing Training institute in Gurgaon are

  • Experienced teaching faculty comprising of real life professionals
  • Focused on providing stimulated hand on live experience and practical knowledge
  • All types of training programs are based on live industry projects
  • Talent Plus Plus is equipped with good infrastructure and advance teaching methods
  • Various kinds of study materials, detailed notes, practice questionnaire, online video tutorials, and much more are provided to help students study even when they are at the comfort of their homes
  • Practice and learn method, not just theoretical teaching
  • An impressive learning environment where students can inspire each other to learn
  • Also focuses on personality development along with providing the necessary knowledge in order to help our students continue learning even after the course is complete
  • Placement opportunities at top organizations across the globe by associating yourself with the group of highly successful trainers and network of ex-students
  • Certificate is provided at the end of the course, if required
  • Repeat course at no cost if you need to clarify any doubts

About Talent Plus Plus API Testing Training Trainer

Talent Plus Plus is well known for its real corporate working professionals who tutor the students who enrol here. They are highly experienced industry members and are a part of major software organizations like TechMahindra, TCS, HCL, IBM, Birlasoft, L&T InfoTech, Cognizant and Capegemini.

Tutors here strive to provide as much practical knowledge as possible. This ensures that the students who are later placed easily with employers have hand on experience to handle real live situations.

Moreover, if the tutors seem fit, they even refer the students to their esteemed organization for placement and job opportunities. This adds an extra layer of placement support to the students studying in Talent Plus Plus Training Institute in Gurgaon.

We support the students with real time projects, interview questions and personal attention to get high quality professionals in API Testing with Java. Join our API Testing classes in Gurgaon and get a Job quickly.

Duration: Approximately 10 weeks – weekend classes, 1 month for Weekday classes (early morning).

Course Fee: Rs. 9990/-

Please feel free to contact us –

» Call us at +91-88 220 99 022   OR   99 11 44 9111 for Best API Testing Training in Gurgaon/Gurugram.

»Additional advantage with all courses
• Free E-Books/Tools/Software
• HR Interview Questions
• Resume Preparation
• Access to JOB Alerts – Lifetime job alerts in Mail Box

How to get a job in API Testing

We help students who study at Talent Plus Plus with the following:

  • The team at Talent Plus Plus conducts a grooming session that helps our students to understand basic interview manners and provides effective lessons on how to interact with the interviewers
  • We teach the students how to speak formally, control nervousness and present your point of view in an effective manner
  • Once the students complete 70% of the course we practice face to face interviews organized between the students and the trainers
  • We add student’s information in our JOB Alert system and they will get appropriate opportunity in their inbox, for whole life

Please feel free to contact us –

» Call us at +91-88 220 99 022   OR   99 11 44 9111  for the Best API Testing Training in Gurgaon. We also have API Testing Training Online. Contact us for details.

Even though we do not have fancy classrooms or air conditioned facilities but we promise to provide the best possible practical learning experience in our small institute. Talent Plus Plus is located in Sukhrali between Iffco Chowk and Bata Chowk on the MG Road. The institute is very near to Sector 14, Gurgaon.

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