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Talent Plus Plus is a Gurgaon based professional institute for IT Training. Since 2009 they have trained hundreds of IT enthusiasts in Software Testing, Selenium, QTP, Java, Dot Net, Oracle, Linux, Android, Telecom Protocol and other discipline of Information Technology. Talent++ only employs working professionals as its trainers which gives its trainees an opportunity to learn practical aspects of the subject, not just the theoretical understanding. If you are looking for the best institute in Gurugram, we are it.

7 IT Skills To Help You Get Hired

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Around 20 years ago, there were different categories like technical and managerial roles .The idea was that IT people needed to become more business-like and business people needed to acquire more tech savvy. Today, it’s essential to have a mix of all skills to get into IT. Everyone wishes to get lot of additional values for the organization with whole new set of skills with IT professionals. It is important for IT staff in small organizations to be jack of none and master of all, because they have less number of resources. Here are seven skills you need to add to [...]

How to Develop Leadership Skills

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Are wondering how to Develop Leadership Skills? The key characteristics of an effective leadership in all organizations are non-public attributes like knowledge, expertise, competencies, encapsulated within the approach and behavior. The most essential attributes are as follows: Behaving Ethically: Adopt an approach and learn about the concerning the moral problems and issues that impact on your business; implement a balanced, broad-minded approach. Consider, raise and discuss the moral problems and effects of all personal actions and organizational activity before proposing or agreeing to decisions; resisting pressures from the organization or its partners to realize objectives by unethical means. Thinking Strategically: Learn and [...]

Should You Follow-Up After a Job Interview?

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Are you in a job search phase for a new job? If you're, you must be having constant interview calls and must have attended a variety of interview. If that's the case, do you follow up with the organizations after the interview? If you can follow-up with a telephone call, you'll need to look at your choices. Several job seekers do not know how to proceed for a follow up. They are unsure, whether they should follow up for all the interviews they attended or they should make a call or personally visit the office. If you are also indecisive about [...]

How to Include References on Your Resume

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Have you ever questioned which is the most favorite and usually used line on a resume "References available on request". The Talent Plus Plus team discusses the best practices on How to Include References on Your Resume. Including your references in your resume has always been a question of discussion among the professionals. You can include this line at the bottom of the resume. In a way, this lets your potential leader understand that, if asked, you'll be able to name a minimum of one or two of individuals that assume you're a good quality to any company. On the contrary some [...]

Student Testimonials – What Our Students Are Saying About Us

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People go to most of the institution to learn what actually printed in the book, but if one is really serious about to learn and want to grow in their professional life then i must say you should go and join this this institute. It is one of the best institute which do not promised that we will provide high grade in subject but they promised that You will get learning which will lead you to build your Professional Platform. Cheers to Ajoy and Talent++ Team!!! Hira M Sharma, I have done my manual testing course form this [...]

Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike

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#NaukriMilneKe100Tarike Remember the song “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” song from the film Dil Chahta Hai? Just before the song begins, Aamir Khan says he is going to sing a song titled Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike – an appropriate song for just graduated college students. And then he says “Relax guys, mei toh sirf mazak kar raha tha, who care where the hell we land up.” That was movie. In reality, you really need to care where you actually land up. Today, hundreds of thousands of students who graduate from colleges try to solve this puzzle and looks for “Naukri Milne Ke 100 [...]

How to Develop a Positive Attitude – 5 Quick Tips

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Are you wondering how to Develop a Positive Attitude? Your quality of life is dependent on your attitude a lot. It can be said that the things on which you stress the most are imbibed in your life by your wish or situation. People with negative attitude are always cribbing about their miserable life. It is very demoralizing and not much fun to be in their company. Have you ever had a depressing feeling near them? A negative outlook will not only affect your life but also of those who are around you. Al Talent Plus Plus we try to improve student’s [...]

How to manage career breaks or employment gaps in Resume?

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Mentioning your professional experience in your resume with perfection is a difficult task. You need to keep in mind the following: job role, duration of your job, main responsibilities, transferable skills etc. It is a tough job to highlight your skills and experience if you have breaks in your career. Talent Plus Plus has seen many such candidates in the past. Your hiring manager will have no idea about the reason of your long work gap, merely by going through your resume. For example, the employer will not understand whether you held a job or just trying to hide your job [...]

Cover Letter Mistakes – 5 Clues

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Each resume should be accompanied with a well-written cover letter that will present you as a confident and capable candidate for the job. A cover letter should emphasize and promote your skills and expertise mentioned in your resume. It should answer any queries that are raised by your resume. We at Talent Plus Plus can help you to avoid 5 common covering letter mistakes and get closer to the job you are willing to get by clearing the foremost round of resume review. 1. Do not make your cover letter look generic. Everybody likes to be called by their name, if [...]

Non-Advertised Jobs – Read this Before You Apply for One

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Are you in search of a brand new job? There’s a decent likelihood that you would use the simplest ways of finding job information like internet, particularly job posting websites, or the employment section of your native newspaper, if you're like regular job seekers. There several job seekers who favor to submit resumes or job applications to people who aren't hiring. Before you begin posting resumes for non-advertised jobs, you need to look at the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. Talent Plus Plus team explains here. You will be eager to know that, how you will approach these jobs before [...]

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