Remember the song “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” song from the film Dil Chahta Hai? Just before the song begins, Aamir Khan says he is going to sing a song titled Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike – an appropriate song for just graduated college students. And then he says “Relax guys, mei toh sirf mazak kar raha tha, who care where the hell we land up.”

That was movie. In reality, you really need to care where you actually land up. Today, hundreds of thousands of students who graduate from colleges try to solve this puzzle and looks for “Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike” in the market. Those who are lucky get a job in the campus placements but the rest start their journey for unknown destination. For most of them, their life long career become not what they choose, but in which area they got their first job. The race is endless. Many end up doing something which was never their first choice, for the rest of their lives.

You will agree that the first job has significant impact in our career. Many try to change their career path after 2-3 years of starting on a job because, now they have time to breath and have earned some savings to take a better decision. They join career courses of their choice and try to switch jobs into another field.

When you want to change your job to another field, after spending 2-3 years in an irrelevant job, the usual problem that you will face is the lack of experience in the field where you want to enter. You are no longer a fresher and you do not have sufficient skills for lateral hiring to the new field. Many end up showing “fake experience” and try to enter into the new field. This is partly aided by the mind set of Indian Industry and partly aided by the mushrooming fake institutes who create fake companies and sell letter heads for a price.

My blog post is not to criticize anyone here but to invite attention of those who care about the freshers and the laterals. We really need to find “Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike” for all of them and help them stop ending up in another career of not their choice.

So, guys let us create a list of TOP 100 ways to get a job ( Naukri Milne Ke 100 Tarike ) including the funny ones. We will select the TOP 100 on the basis of votes and will publish the list with contributor’s name. Let’s get started. Share you “Tarika” in the comments with your name. The best ones get a surprise gift from Talent Plus Plus team.

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