Each resume should be accompanied with a well-written cover letter that will present you as a confident and capable candidate for the job. A cover letter should emphasize and promote your skills and expertise mentioned in your resume. It should answer any queries that are raised by your resume. We at Talent Plus Plus can help you to avoid 5 common covering letter mistakes and get closer to the job you are willing to get by clearing the foremost round of resume review.

1. Do not make your cover letter look generic. Everybody likes to be called by their name, if you are not using proper names or misspelling the name it does not give a very good impression to the employer. The address line is the most important part of the cover letter even if it is sent through e-mail. If you do not use proper addressing it seems that you have copied somebody’s letter and send it to all the jobs you are applying for. Try to find out whom the cover letter needs to be addressed. If there is a spelling mistake or error in the address section of the cover letter, your chances of going further becomes nil.

2. Employers are not interested in knowing how the company will benefit you in your career. Employers are only concerned with your qualifications and how your services will be profitable to the company. So, it’s a waste of time to say that what you are going to gain from the company. Your potential employers wish to know what new things you can do in the team, how innovative you are, and are you targeted on results. Let your resume make the employers think why you are the best candidate for the job

3. Do not copy the information from your resume in your cover letter. It does not solve the purpose of the employers to get a feeling that you are the most deserving and capable candidate for the job. Your covering letter is supposed to impress the leader to review your resume in nice detail. Highlight certain areas of your resume and career goal which will prove profitable to the organization in the long run.

4. Your covering letter will speak only about you so do not begin every sentence with “I”. If the writing style is not up to the mark it can lead the employer to assume that you have weak communication skills as compared to your background. Discuss your qualifications, your goals and how you rouse the previous company with your efforts, and your skilled attributes. Talent Plus Plus team can you how to highlight your skills very well.

5. The closing statement of your resume should not ask the hiring managers to call you at their convenience. Your eagerness for the job will not allow you to wait for employers to contact you with their decision. So mention it in the resume and allow them to contact you once you want them to follow up. At the end of the covering letter let the employer know the manner in which you will contact them. This shows your interest, and your take-charge perspective.