Around 20 years ago, there were different categories like technical and managerial roles .The idea was that IT people needed to become more business-like and business people needed to acquire more tech savvy.

Today, it’s essential to have a mix of all skills to get into IT. Everyone wishes to get lot of additional values for the organization with whole new set of skills with IT professionals. It is important for IT staff in small organizations to be jack of none and master of all, because they have less number of resources.

Here are seven skills you need to add to your IT skills.

1. Big Data Analytics

The IT professionals should be thorough with dealing with data and the use of data analysis tool. A lot of opportunity is given by Big data if the professionals can manage it.

2. Mobile Management

There are certain programs to save money like bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and company-owned, personally enabled (COPE) programs, but these programs also increase the management and security risk. It professionals must be skilled in using all these variety of tools as they access all the corporate data. These include mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) systems, as well as security tools such as data loss prevention and monitoring systems.

3. App Savvy

With the burst in mobile technology and boom in mobile apps usage. IT professionals should know how the apps are managed that are used by their end users, the development of applications that are used by internal and external customers should be supported, and potentially even contribute in the build-out of enterprise app stores. The use of APIs to connect applications between and among a growing set of internal and external business systems should be known to the IT professionals if they are not skilled in.

4. Social Skills

The IT professionals should be able to talk about technological foundations, effects of security and privacy of external social media platforms as their usage is increased in the companies. This is applied to popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but IT pros also need to keep up with a growing number of rising stars, such as Vine. How the integration of social business capabilities are integrated into traditional business applications its effect on productivity and security should be clear to the IT pros.

5. Marketing

You would have never imagined that you will be in a marketing department when you started your career in IT. Marketing departments are using IT people to make them technical because social is increasing and it is an increasingly movable market. This means thinking about technology in a whole new way.

6. Policy Development

Never have so much liability with different technologies opened for the organizations. Companies are very specific about what is and isn’t expected of the users when they consider things like social media and mobile.. The key is the development of policy that does just that. IT professionals should be familiar with the acceptable use policy when it is being written; they need not be the authors of that policy.

 7. Security

IT professionals have to think about the security with different risks that organization has like social,  the cloud, XaaS offerings, the use of consumer devices in the workplace and rogue IT though the security has always been in the IT professionals purview but they need to think of security less in terms of reactive patching and more in terms of proactive vigilance.

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