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Talent Plus Plus is a Gurgaon based professional institute for IT Training. Since 2009 they have trained hundreds of IT enthusiasts in Software Testing, Selenium, QTP, Java, Dot Net, Oracle, Linux, Android, Telecom Protocol and other discipline of Information Technology. Talent++ only employs working professionals as its trainers which gives its trainees an opportunity to learn practical aspects of the subject, not just the theoretical understanding. If you are looking for the best institute in Gurugram, we are it.

21 Most Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

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- With More Than 100 Sample Answers 21 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them is a detailed article written by our founder Ajoy Singha. It comprises of 21 common non-technical questions. The post discusses each of the questions. The reason behind why those questions are asked, what should be included in the answer and what should be avoided while answering such questions. Each is question is discussed in details and there are almost 5 or more sample answers to each question for better understanding how to answer them during the job interview. There are a total of [...]

We are Hiring in Gurgaon

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Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon is hiring part time trainers for the following skills for our Sector 17C center - Dot Net Training Python Training Android iOS Application Development Training SQL/Database Training SEO/SEM/Digital Marketing Training Experience required - At least 5 years of hands on experience in high quality environment, preferably working in multinational companies. Excellent written and verbal English skills, disciplined individual and care for students' success. If you have required experience and have a passion for teaching others in your free time on weekends, we have the right environments for you. We have the highest level of profit sharing with [...]

Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon

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Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon – Talent Plus Plus Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon one of the best Dot Net Training Institute in Gurgaon. Read for more details why you should study at Talent++ for your dot net course. For better career opportunity join Dot Net training course at Talent Plus Plus In present era no one can think life without advanced technology. We are surrounded by gadgets, apps, and software. Now, no one can think life without all these things but the question arises from where we are getting all the technologies. There are several IT companies that are developing [...]

How To Start Career As a Java Developer

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IT field is full of huge possibilities. Currently, it needs millions of trained and skilled professionals to maintain all functions of industry in a smooth manner. Furthermore, reports and surveys suggest that upcoming days will provide more opportunities to make golden career and live a successful and financially secured life. If, you are planning to cash-in this situation then start the preparation how to make a successful career in Java development. It is important for you to know that java is a programming language therefore proves extremely helpful to run a website in efficient manner. You do not need to worry [...]

Online Selenium Training by Talent ++

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Online Selenium Training : Learn Selenium Online Join our world class Online Selenium Training course by highly experienced Selenium Trainers in India. After running Selenium classroom training for more than 7 years since 2009, we are introducing our Selenium Online Training. So far we have run many successful batches for our online selenium course. Students from all over the world have benefited from our highly project based course. Some of the highlights of our course - Highly experienced working professionals (MNC) as trainers Updated course curriculum with latest changes in Selenium Web drivers Project based training with real examples Hands on Java training [...]

Choose The Right Career With Talent ++

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What should I do after my graduation or degree? Is graduation enough to get a satisfying job? Do I need to do any kind of specialization? These questions are raised by most of the students when they are at the verge of completing their graduation or degree. According to a survey carried out in various colleges across the country, only 35 percent of students are well planned for their career, they know what they have to do, rest 65 percent lack guidance and planning. Lack of guidance and planning are the biggest obstacles for such students while choosing the right career. [...]

3 ways to customize your resume to get the job that you want

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Many of the resumes that we come across, more or less appear similar in the first look but there are few areas which make one resume better than the other and appeal the hiring managers. To customize your resume for your dream job, pay attention to the following elements: resume style, career objective, and personal profile. The importance of layout and style of the resume are as important as the matter in the resume about your expertise and qualifications. The two most commonly used resume styles are chronological and functional. As the name implies in chronological style resume, we list the [...]

Placement Training in Gurgaon

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Training and Placement in Gurgaon Are you looking for Placement Training in Gurgaon? We have excellent placement programs to offer.   Such educational institutions as Institute of Business Management and Research, Institute of professional studies, or University has a very rich variety of courses.  The placement courses range from Hotel management, International Journalism to Aircraft maintenance Engineering, and Arts. Popular subjects as: management, accounting and business can be taught in placement courses in the states above Universities. IT Training Institute in Gurgaon The increasing progress in information technologies creates vacancies in the industry. This, and high salaries stimulate to undertake IT placement training. [...]

Software Testing Course in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Ambala and Mohali

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Software Testing Training in Chandigarh: (Manual + Automation), Selenium, QTP/UFT, RPA Blue Prism Course Are you looking for the best software testing training in Chandigarh, trained by experienced working professionals? Do you want to learn the practical side of software testing and not the bookish definitions? Do you want to advance your career in one of the high demand domains in IT? If the answer is yes, then please consider the highly reviewed software testing training group in India, started by working professionals on weekends. If you already don't know already, we have successfully started our Software Testing course [...]

Introducing Online Software Testing, QTP, Selenium, Dot Net Training

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After successfully running our classroom training courses for 5 years, we are not introducing online version of the courses. We will start with the following popular courses - Software Testing - online training - Manual & Automation Basics Quick Test Professional (QTP) - online training - Advanced automation Java J2EE - online training Microsoft Dot Net - online training Selenium with Java - online training Currently Available Online Courses - Online Selenium Training - Click Here to Know More   What you will need to attend these online training courses? A PC with a good internet connection Skype TeamViewer A good head set Passion to learn [...]

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