Many of the resumes that we come across, more or less appear similar in the first look but there are few areas which make one resume better than the other and appeal the hiring managers. To customize your resume for your dream job, pay attention to the following elements: resume style, career objective, and personal profile.

The importance of layout and style of the resume are as important as the matter in the resume about your expertise and qualifications. The two most commonly used resume styles are chronological and functional. As the name implies in chronological style resume, we list the experience in a particular order and is used by those with in depth professional expertise in their field. Functional style resume lists your expertise relevant to the qualifications you have, and is usually used by those lacking skilled professional expertise or those having dynamic careers. There are no rules stating which resume style is the best, the most important thing to remember is that a resume style can help you get in or out of the first door to get your dream job. You shall select the format that may best highlight your qualifications and your expertise. Thus it is necessary that you should know the difference between both the formats and select the one which is commonly used in your field.

Career objective is extremely vital to your resume. Whereas you may not find this section in many of the resumes because its importance has been a matter of discussion. If you select to incorporate this section it shows that you have been serious about your professional growth. The objective should be related to focus on your business, position title and future professional achievements, so think about your career objective because it is the initial impression you create on your potential leader. Most of the people don’t realize the importance of career objective and put statements generic to every profession. To be effective, your statement must tell a potential employer that you know what kind of job you want, what experience you have in order to get the position, and what you are willing do to become a successful professional with the company.

Your career objective states the reason for applying to the particular job at the organization and your professional profile depicts your experience and convinces the leader that you simply are the most deserving candidate for the task. Your skilled summary/profile offers you the chance to differentiate yourself, and provides your leader an insight into you. Two mistakes often seen in this section of the resume are poor writing and inclusion of personal information. Note that your age; ethnicity, gender, spiritual affiliations, etc. don’t differentiate you on how you handle yourself as a professional. Such information is not mandatory and is for demographics study so it should never be enclosed in a resume, or any professional materials. Make sure that this section is well written and error-free. Substantial positive statements regarding your experience can provide a smart initial impression to your leader. Read your resume thoroughly and emphasis on this section, because it is at the beginning of your resume. An efficient personal statement should show your prospective employer that you are assured, credible, and skilled.

Keep in mind – your resume is your platform, demonstrating your qualifications and skill to your potential leader. Grab this chance to place your best foot forward and you may reap the rewards.