Are you thinking about AWS certifications? Are you not convinced about the benefits of AWS certifications? Well, everyone has some doubts about it. Here, I will share three reasons why anyone should get AWS certified. According to me, one should always ask for benefits before going for any sort of training or certification exam. If there are some benefits then automatically they become reasons for joining any training to pass that certification. In case, you love to go for AWS certifications after reading this post then I will also suggest you to go for AWS training in Gurgaon at Talent Plus Plus. Well, I am also going to share about reasons for this suggestion in this post.

Why should anyone bother about getting AWS certified at all?

  • Achieve More Credentials for Next Promotion – One certification gives you more chances to establish your credibility. No doubt, achieving credentials can open more doors for you in your existing company. You can present yourself as a SME and you might get the chance of being part of AWS related projects. Simply, you have better chances of getting promoted to a good profile.
  • Better Job Opportunities After AWS Certifications – In case, you are looking for a job then also you will have more opportunities as an AWS Certified professional. Nowadays, more businesses are looking for having the higher tiers of membership in AWS Partner Network. And, one criterion for that membership is about having AWS-certified skilled team members. Understand, this certification can get you pass various gatekeepers and inside an interview room.
  • Jobs with Higher Salary Pay Cheques – According to the latest Forbes report, AWS certification is the highest paying certification in US. No doubt, this has significantly higher value over other sorts of IT certifications in India too. After AWS certifications, IT professionals have reported better rise in their monthly in-hand salaries.

Certainly, these are sufficient reasons for going to have AWS certification and you can opt for AWS training in Gurgaon at Talent Plus Plus. Before you jump on this treadmill, let me tell you one important fact too. All AWS certifications are having a limited lifespan. Yes, these are valid up to two years. After that, you will need to again pass the AWS certification exam. That may seem like a short lifespan, but you should also mind the upgrade rate of AWS team. Well, they have announced over 40 new services/features within last 30 days. After knowing this, think about the possible number of updates in a period of two years! Certainly, your knowledge level will be pretty low about the AWS technology after this period of two years and you will require upgrading your certification.

My suggestion for AWS training in Gurgaon at Talent Plus Plus was because of available range of instructor-led courses with hands-on labs in live AWS accounts. I noticed that this institute has a full curriculum of AWS courses to help you prepare for both the associate and professional level certifications.

I hope this post will help you in making your decision about AWS certifications.