Lots of students request me to recommend them which IT training institute is the best in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, NCR or the other places. Normally I don’t know how to answer this question. Sometimes, I know few institutes operated by expert people/trainers. I sometimes advocate for them. However, if I used to be the one  looking for a decent institute I might explore for the following points to find out the best  IT training institute with courses for software testing, dot net, QTP, Selenium, Java, SEO, SAP  or any other IT course.

The Faculty – The Best of the ships can drown without an accomplished captain. This is often one among the foremost vital factors of selecting the best institute. If the faculty isn’t sensible for that subject, even supposing the institute contains a terribly high name within the vicinity, I’ll not choose that institute. The person teaching the topic ought to be the subject matter expert of that subject and may have sensible expertise of operating within the IT business. Will you be able to learn one thing from somebody who doesn’t have employment for himself in a reputed company and is merely teaching in an institute? However, the matter is to understand the trainer. The primary test would be to speak to the trainer, and know his name. Do some analysis on linked in or twitter concerning the person. Most people would be a part of institutes and join the training simply by speaking to the administrator. That’s wrong. Speak to the trainer and know all the details on how he will assist you to learn the technology.

The Course Fee – This is another vital aspect of choosing the best IT training institute. Some of the institutes charge terribly high amount of fee may be in the form of registration, training, placement fee or anything else. Many people suppose that a decent institute charges high fee due to the quality education they supply. This is often not true. Have you ever realized that the attractive secretary, high technology lecture rooms, adorned front desk and high price of advertising? All these come at a cost. IT training institute don’t seem to be Branded T-shirts and coffee shops. Select for a top quality trainer rather than selecting 5-star like class rooms. You’ll go there to learn, not to hang around with friends on weekends.

Batch Size – Is the class full of students making it look like a crowd? Is the trainer able to provide personal attention to each one? Is he or she able to solve every doubt that you simply have? It is better to read a text book alone with concentration instead of sitting in a flooded class with no attention of the faculty. A class comprising of over five students is a crowd class and wastage of your time and cash.

Extra Features – What’s the additional value that the institute is giving except for the core course? Are they serving to you to prepare your resume, serving to you with interview techniques, guiding you for IT certifications? Grooming you to becoming more confident when you sit for an interview? Are becoming something further from just a teaching point? Do they assist you with the real time projects? Do they offer you extra class after you miss a particular class? Do they permit to continue the whole class after finishing course? Are they helping you to find the jobs appropriate for you?

Class Timings – Several students cannot attend weekday classes. Will the institute have a weekend and vacation class options? Investigate your favorable timings before registering for the course.

I know there are alternative factors to look for before selecting a decent institute. Asking alumni students helps a lot to get a clear idea about any institute. I am proud and happy that my institute at Gurgaon fulfills all of the above factors. It’s because we price our students’ time, money, feeling and ambition. So, now you would understand the reason of ours not having decorated and air conditioned classrooms but they are full of skills and knowledge. We are thankful to our students who appreciate our method of teaching and motivate others to join us. The word of mouth is the best style of publicity and it’s proving right in our case.

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