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Learn the best Linux Course from the Best Professional Computer Training Institute in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, NCR. We have expert trainers for basic and intermediate Linux. Linux training is available on Weekends in Gurgaon.

About the Linux Course in Gurgaon:
Linux is the most popular open source operating system and is believed to be stronger and secure than conventional Windows operating system. Linux is little complex than usual operating systems and thus requires some training before one is able to use the system properly. Our Linux training in Gurgaon offers extensive training ranging from basics of Linux to intermediate level of training. The most popular from of Linux is Red Hat Linux and other versions such as Suse Linux, Ubuntu etc.

Linux Training in Gurgaon is for Engineering and Science graduates who want to pursue their career in Linux and Open Source Technology as this program is designed to cover specialized modules covering different aspects of real world work environment and enables the students to be prepared for industry specific actual Linux Administration and Programming skills.

We are offering two Linux Training in Gurgaon at this point of time. If you are looking for the Best Linux Training Course Institutes Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida then you are at the right place. Please review the course content for both basic Linux Training Courses & Classes Gurgaon and Intermediate Linux Training Courses & Classes Gurgaon.

Linux Basic Foundation Course:
– Overview of Linux system and OS fundamentals
– Installing Linux system
– Command Line File system Browsing
– The bash Shell
– Configuring network settings
– Users, Groups, and Permissions
– VI and vim Editor Basics and Printing
– The Linux File system
– Finishing it of by summarizing the course

Course Fee – Rs. 7990/-
Duration – 6 Weekends.
Call: +91-9911449111 for free demo class

Linux Intermediate Course:
Configure Local Services
– Objective: Configure the date and time and configure a printer

Monitor System Resources
– Manage CPU, memory, and disk utilization

Manage System Software
– Manage system software locally and using Red Hat Network (RHN)

Get Started with Bash
– Understand basic shell concepts, execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques

Get Help in a Textual Environment
– Use man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc

Establish Network Connectivity
– Understand basic network concepts
– Configure, manage, and test network settings

Administer Users and Groups
– Manage users and groups

Manage Files from the Command Line
– Understand Linux file system hierarchy and pathnames
– Manage files from the command line

Secure Linux File Access
– Understand Linux file access mechanisms
– Manage file access from the GUI and the command line

Administer Remote Systems
– Share and connect to a desktop
– Use of SSH and rsync

Configure General Services
– Manage services
– Configure SSH and remote desktops

Manage Physical Storage
– Understand basic disk concepts and manage system disks
– Manage file system attributes and swap space

Manage Logical Volumes
– Understand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes

Install Linux Graphically
– Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux and configure the system with first boot

Manage Virtual Machines
– Understand basic virtualization concepts
– Install and manage virtual machines

Control the Boot Process
– The boot process
– Understand run levels and manage GRUB

Deploy File Sharing Services
– Deploy an FTP server and a web server

Secure Network Services
– Manage a firewall
– Understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux

Course Fee – Rs. 10990/-
Duration – 10 Weekends.
Call: +91-9911449111 for free demo class of Linux Training in Gurgaon

We offer practical based training and our students have been placed in MNCs as best Linux Administrators with high salaries. Talk to our trainer today for Linux Training in Gurgaon.

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