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Are you looking for the Best Selenium Training in Chandigarh? If yes then we will guide you to select the best institute for Selenium in Chandigarh. Go through the web page and know more about our Selenium training.

Selenium is certainly one of the hottest API for performing all sorts of functional automation testing of a Web based application. You can go for testing on multiple browsers and operating systems. It does support multiple languages too. This one is not a tool like Winrunner, QTP, SilkTest etc.  This one is kind of a library or a collection of classes, interfaces and methods. Selenium is kind of a project that is ready for use in any concerned project. Hence, this one is in huge demand. No doubt, there are several jobs available for Selenium Trained person. Talent Plus Plus is offering exclusive training in Selenium by experienced working professionals.

In our institute, one can get that required expertise which brings more chances of getting selected in an interview. We have tried our best to maintain a good learning environment for our trainees. We are offering a quality education in moderate training fee amount. We have received remarkable feedbacks for our trainings. Our previous batches have rated us as the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chandigarh.  We have earned positive feedbacks for us by providing training with following features;

Excellent Study Material – Our course content is having all the latest information. We are offering module based study material which is designed by a team working professionals. All the members of course development team are IT managers and Training managers in big IT companies.

Experienced Instructor-led Sessions – Training sessions will be under the supervision of an expert who has work experience of real time scenarios. You will be learning by doing things. We value practical approach over the traditional theory based approach.

Real-life Case Studies – We love to produce professionals with remarkable practical knowledge. We don’t want to conclude trainings on just a certificate. Our certified trainee must get job as soon as he/she completes his training period. Hence, we also offer live project involving implementation of the various Selenium tools.

Regular Assignments – We measure learning of our trainee. Our expert trainers will care about learning curve of every trainee in the batch. This is possible by having regular practical assignments. It will be of total 20 hours in your complete training program.

All these features have made several young minds to attend this Best Selenium Training in Chandigarh. We hope that all this will not be enough for you. We suggest you to read furthermore to know some more distinct features about our institute. You can also visit our institute today to know more about upcoming training batches.

We further want to share about our labs. Talent Plus Plus is having well equipped labs for tech trainings. Our institute has branches in various cities of India. We are famous for maintaining international standard for our training rooms and labs. Our trainees will get all the needed software, tools, hardware and simulators. Our management is sincerely concerned for good learning environment and we understand the value of a well equipped lab. While attending our Selenium training sessions, you will also experience the quality of infrastructure available within our institute in Chandigarh too. You will also notice that our institute is the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chandigarh. Here, we are also facilitating our trainees to book seat in lab for extra practice hours.

Another important feature of our institute’s culture is availability of various training timings. We have seen that many aspirants are looking for feasible training timings. Thus, our training programs are available in form of day time classes, evening classes, weekend classes, fast-track classes etc. Yes, you can ask for the training time as per your feasibility.  You can also get feasible time for revision and also for your missed class. You can ask for more details regarding this in your visit to our institute. When we are claiming for the Best Selenium Training in Chandigarh, we have tried to facilitate our trainees in various ways. We understand the value of your hard-earned money. Thus, our trainings are always available in moderate fee charges.

Hands on practice on Selenium and experience of working on real time project are two sufficient factors in a resume for getting a good salary job offer. This open-source automation testing tool is in huge demand. Selenium is very useful tool for system functional testing as it can support all popular development languages. Certainly, all this sounds good and it can be true for many. For this, one needs to be good in practical knowledge of Selenium and also, smart enough to crack interview rounds. Talent Plus Plus has also something really beneficial for our trainees.

Our experts in training sessions and lab sessions will give you working knowledge on all major Selenium components. As a result, you will master over this open-source automation testing tool. Our institute also has placement experts and these professionals are going to help you in getting a job too. We will be giving our sincere effort for arranging your interviews and also, guide you about cracking IT interview rounds. Cracking Selenium interviews after training in this Best Selenium Training Institute in Chandigarh is really possible. Our placement record of previous batches is 100%. All these people got their offer letters in the first attempt. We ensure success for our trainees by enabling them with all sorts of required skills for the Selenium Testing Expert profile.

Selenium Training Syllabus


  • What is automation testing?
  • What is the use of automation testing?
  • What we need to Automate?
  • What is Selenium?
  • Advantages of Selenium
  • What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?

Different flavors in Selenium

  • IDE
  • Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0
  • Selenium-Grid

Selenium IDE

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE icons
  • Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
  • IDE Context Menu
  • Assert
  • Verify
  • Adding Selenium IDE comments

Java For WebDriver

  • Introducing the JAVA technology
  • Class and Object Concept
  • Variable ,Datatypes and Operators
  • Method
  • Conditional statement and Loops
  • Packages
  • Access Modifiers
  • Object Oriented Concept
  • Interface
  • Constructor
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Stream
  • Array and Collection
  • Showing how to download, install, and configure the Java environment on a Windows system


  • Why WebDriver?
  • Downloading web driver Jars configuring in eclipse
  • Architecture of selenium webdriver
  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Iphone, Android etc
  • What is the difference between Selenium RC and WD?

Sample programs in webdriver

  • Handel Text box
  • Handel HyperLink
  • Handel Button and Check box
  • Handel Radio Button and DropDown Controls
  • Select value from DropDown
  • Display all values
  • Select values step by step
  • Capture screenshots
  • Synchronization Commands In Web Driver
  • Why Implicit wait and Implementation of Implicit wait
  • Why Explicit wait and Implementation of Explicit wait
  • Web Driver Fluent wait and Thread Sleep functionality
  • File uploads and File downloads (Handling Window based controls using Robot and Sikuli API)
  • Handling alerts box and Verifying the Alert Texts
  • Handling confirmation messages
  • Keyboard actions
  • Mouse actions
  • Handling Iframes working with Nested Iframes
  • Handling multiple tabs
  • Handling popups
  • Preparing web driver test cases using customized x-path
  • Identifying controls using x-path predefined functions
  • Web Tables

Working with multiple browsers

  • Executing Automation Test Cases in multiple browsers Sequentially
  • Working with Chrome and IE browsers
  • What is Firefox Profile And Implementation of Firefox Profile
  • What is WebDriver Desired Capabilities class
  • Executing Automation Test Cases in multiple browsers Parallel

Advanced Topic in Selenium

  • TestNG/ANT
  • Junit/ANT

Automation Test Frame Work

How to develop Test automation frame work in live environment

  • What is a framework
  • Types of framework
  • Data driven framework
  • Modular driven framework
  • Keyword driven framework
  • User Defined Keyword driven framework with implementation
  • Execute test scripts from the framework

Java Framework

  • Overview on Selenium Grid with Practical example
  • Overview on Selendroid with practical example
  • Overview on Jenkins with Example
  • Overview on PageObject Model with Example

Interview Questions on

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium webdriver and Automation Testing
  • Core Java

Course fee – Rs. 12000/-

Duration – 3 Months (Weekends Only)

Location – Sector 34 A, Chandigarh-160022
Call: +91-88 220 44 022
Email: [email protected]


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