Ever since Google introduced Android Operating System, it has become one of the dominating mobile device OS in the market. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Every small to big companies are developing application that is supported in Android. This trend is expected to grow as more and more people are moving towards mobile devices with internet connection.

Our Android training in Gurgaon is designed to give students do hands on project based Android development using Java as a core language. The practical approach to android coaching in Gurgaon gives students a boost in technical and business understanding of Android application development. Many of our students who were fresher have got job as Android developer in Gurgaon.
Our unique Android course in Gurgaon makes us the best Android training institute in Gurgaon.

Course Name – Android Development Training Course
Pre requisite for the course – Knowledge of Core Java
Duration of the Course: Approximately 10 weeks – Weekend classes.
Course Fee: Rs. 9990/-

Android Course Syllabus –
1. What is android?
Android versions
Features of Android
Architecture of android

2. Obtaining the required tools
Android SDK
Installing and configuring Android SDK
Android Development Tools

3. Activities and Intents
Applying Themes and Styles to an activity
Hiding the activity
Displaying Dialog window, Progress Dialog
Linking activities using Intent
Calling Built-in applications

4. Android user Interface
Views and View Groups
Linear Layout
Absolute layout, table layout, relative layout, Frame layout Scroll View
Detection of orientation change

5. Designing user Interface with Views
Text View, Button, Image Button, Edit Box, check Box, Radio Button,
Progress Bar View
Auto Complete Text View
Time Picker and Date Picker View
Using List View to display long List
Using Spinner View

6. Displaying Images and menus with views
Gallery view
Grid view
Using menu with views (context menu, option menu)

7. Data persistence
Saving to internal storage
Saving to external storage
Creating and using Database

8. Messaging
Sending SMS programmatically
Getting feedback after sending a message
Receiving sms
Sending Email

9. Networking
Downloading binary data.
Consuming JSON service
Downloading text content

10. Multimedia
Playing Audio and Video

11. Android Services
Establishing communication between a service and activity.

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